Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some work from Watercolor 1 this past semester.

Master copy of "Dusk" by Alphonse Mucha.

Master copy of "Waterlily" by John La Farge. Mine pales in comparison, but it still came out fairly good.

Plein air painting at the Montage resort. You can't see it in the scan, but there's a little bit of sand stuck in the painting from when the wind blew my easel over and sent my wet painting flying into the sand/gravel. Thankfully it didn't fly over the ledge I was set up on and into the ocean. :|

More plein air, also at the Montage.

Watercolor final. The prompt was "beauty". Kind of pseudo-plein air in the sense that I was sitting in the living room painting the view out the window from life.


  1. My favorite is the Mucha one. You're really good at watercolors, Anna.

  2. Thank you! I still feel like I could use a lot of improvement, but I definitely learned a lot this past semester. The Mucha one is one of my favorites too. :)

  3. Your watercolor paintings are delicate and lovely. You did a great job with the colors and shapes in the Mucha. You n watercolor should team up more often :]

  4. Yes, I definitely plan to team up with watercolor more often. :)