Monday, October 11, 2010

This semester I'm taking figure drawing for animators 3. It's a digital figure drawing class, meaning that we have a live model and everything, but we draw with tablets on the computer instead of on paper. It's been nice getting back into the habit of using my tablet and finally learning how to use Corel Painter. So far the conte and charcoal tools have been my favorites. Still can't figure out how to effectively use the painting tools though.

I'm also taking a character design class this semester. The characters I'm designing are from the myth of Osiris, but set in 1940s New York with some Egyptian influences and inspired by the art of Al Hirschfeld. The original Egyptian myth itself is really quite reminiscent of old mob films, full of betrayal, jealousy, and murder. So far the only character I have done is Isis. Working on her sister Nephthys next!

I've learned that the ink tool in Painter is far superior to the brush tool in Photoshop for inking drawings. Photoshop is still better for flat color though.

More later!

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