Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in sophomore year, I took a sequential art class with Marshall Vandruff. My final for that class was roughly 6-7 page scene done in comic format from a story I called Swallowtail.

I've never really been happy with how that turned out. For starters, I never actually finished the scene. I left it at the climax. I also had an incredible amount of difficulty trying to get to that climactic moment; the pacing was off, the motives unclear, the staging bland, and there was far too much text.

This semester I'm taking a comic book and graphic novel illustration class with Brian Apthorp. I want to tackle Swallowtail again. The content and inspiration for it is very personal for me and I want to make it work better as a whole...and figure out how it ends.

Here are some revised character ideas:

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