Sunday, October 14, 2012

One of my favorite artists, Lucy Knisley, runs a lovely food illustration tumblr called Snack Love. Recently she put out a call for guest Snack Love submissions and she posted mine this weekend! This miso bowl is something I came up with one morning while rummaging through the fridge and wanting to try out Lucy's awesome microwave poached egg technique.

I've since learned that my current moleskine-knockoff sketchbook holds up to watercolor okay and takes gouache pretty well, but it's definitely not the same as painting on the illustration board I like so much. I need more painting in my life.


  1. lovely illustration anna! your food always looks so delicious!! :)) don't know if you have seen this tumblr, but this person goes to calarts and does nice food too!

    1. Thanks Honda! And yes, I actually just stumbled upon her tumblr the other day. SO COOL. :)