Monday, July 1, 2013

News! and MOAR figure drawing.

Exciting news! I have a shipped title. :) Lately I've been working with a small team of artists to make a mobile game called Zero the Hero, which is now available for download in the Apple App store. So far we only have an iPad version available, but an iPhone version is in the works. Please check it out!

I worked on a little bit of everything, ranging from backgrounds, character design, animation, level assets, and even some sound editing and social media management. 

Here's a bit of the art I did:

In other news, you may have noticed the url for this blog is back to the original blogspot address. That's because I have a brand new portfolio website!

And, because this is technically a sketchblog, have some drawings.

(Some of the most common search terms that bring people to this blog are "figure drawing" and "fun poses". I guess I do post a considerable amount of figure drawing stuff.)


  1. yayy new post! Your team's Zero the Hero game looks so amazing and I can't wait to play it! Go you!

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