Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some stuff I've been working on for my sequential art class this semester. This is all kind of research and development for my short story comic/storyboard (still kind of flipflopping between the two, but leaning toward comic) for the class.

These two are meant to be seen side to side.

Sheet for the girl. Her name is Swallow, like the bird. The thing with the shawl and the lantern got written out of the story though. I rather liked the design for the lantern, but it didn't really work well within the story.
Character sheets for two forest spirits that the girl meets. They're supposed to be similar enough that if you see them separately, you might think that they're the same character, just perhaps in a different...outfit. I imagine them as two conflicting parts of the same whole.

In the end, the two spirits merge into a singular tree-like monster, kind of personifying a forest fire and trying to consume Swallow. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it looks, since I can picture parts of it in my head, but it just looks odd when I put the parts together.

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