Sunday, December 27, 2009

illustration and rendering

Good god, I wish I had some personal work to show, but I guess schoolwork will suffice. In this post: a couple renderings and some fundamentals of illustration stuff. I'm having trouble getting good pictures of a few of my other rendering assignments, but those will be up soon.

I am so damn proud of this persimmon, it's not even funny. Watercolor (with a hint of gouache for the highlights) on arches watercolor paper. Hell yeah. I'm taking a more traditional watercolor class next semester, which is probably different than the technique we learned in Rendering, but still way excited for it. Watercolor is fun! :D

Carbon dust on clayboard. Also a really fun technique, but the prep for it is more labor-intensive than the actual process of laying down value. It involves cutting lots of templates of acetate to achieve those nice, crisp edges...okay for a simple thing like this, not so efficient for a full-on piece.

Fund. of illustration final; the assignment was to illustrate a metaphor, idiom, or a play on words. I love illustrating word puns. This is "The City of Lights", aka Paris. But...y'know, more literal. Inkwash on illustration board.

Visual jungle assignment, acrylic wash on illustration board. Might go back into this over the summer and add some more detail.

Body contour assignment, ink on hot press illustration board. Really want to get a better picture of this later.

Next semester I'm taking figure block, so there's gonna be lots of naked people on here in the next few months. (that is, if I remember to take pictures) I miss working from a live figure. Also, miss oil painting and working with opaque media. Figure painting is gonna be awesome.

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  1. I like the persimmon and snake and body contour.

    You should post on LJ!!