Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, after a couple weeks of some much deserved loafing around, I felt it was time to get back into drawing for fun. Unfortunately, having not had a figure drawing class this past semester, I could feel myself not being as comfortable with the human figure as I was before and it was evident even in my doodling. Time to get back into working out those figure drawing (and digital drawing) muscles!

Some 30 sec gestures to warm up with: 

Moving on to 60 sec gestures:

A 2 min gesture (I didn't have time to do more than a few of these, and this is really the only one that turned out okay):


Also decided to try doing some digital painting, sketching directly into photoshop. Still experimenting with different approaches, applications of line vs no line, various brushes, etc.

A work in progress, a slightly more realistic approach, though still figuring out how to approach the hair and make it fit in with the face. I liked how this was going while I was working on it, but now I'm not so sure. I think I feel more comfortable retaining more lines like in the one above, but it's nice to try new things.

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  1. I love your digital paintings! The lines of the hat and hair are really elegant. Gorgeous.