Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some work from my vis dev class this past semester. The concept was Cinderella set in early 19th/late 20th century Venice with some sci-fi elements. I guess you could call it a future with an antiquated aesthetic. Not quite steampunk, but a similar train of thought. I mostly had Treasure Planet in mind.

The Fairy Godmother:

The glass slipper:

Cinderella (the work-in-progress piece at the end of the previous post is a revisiting of this character design):

The "carriage" (yes, it's a flying gondola):

Approaching the palace:

And the Stepmother (inspired by Baron Harkonnen of DUNE and his suspensors, our Stepmother here has anti-gravity rings):

I'm not entirely happy with the end result of the project as a whole, but I'd definitely like to revisit the concept and try again with a different visual style.

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